Brazilian bikini bottom – what are the different types of bikini bottoms you can wear?

Brazilian bikini Bottom

– what are the different types of bikini bottoms you can


You know there are days when you want to go out to the beach and relax in the sun and enjoy the ocean
waves. However, it can become very annoying when you are not wearing the correct bikini bottom style
and are feeling less than comfortable with how you look.

The truth is there are very many styles of bottoms that it is difficult to choose what to wear, and you
may be too shy to ask around. Luckily, we have made it easier for you to make a decision – especially
regarding Brazilian bikinis compared to other bikinis, and give you a better idea on picking out the best
ones for your body shape.

Hipster style bottoms

This is best for you if you have small hips or a narrow waist. Because it sits at a lower position on the
hips, it is very forgiving for those who struggle with hips shapes in this area. It gives adequate coverage
for such cases, similar to the classic bikini, except that it does not have a flattering cut in the hip area.

In addition, it comes in various sizes and shapes, ranging from ruffles to side ties, making it a perfect
choice if you would enjoy some variety.

Brazilian bikini


Regardless of whatever name you decide to call them – whether ‘itsy’, ‘cheeky’ or ‘minimal’, these
bottoms have increased steadily in popularity within the States. They are normally skimpier than a
classic bikini, although they have some more inches of coverage compared to a thong. This makes them
have a V-shape beginning from the waistband of the swim suit going downwards.

They are widely popular because of their ability to make any butt look more defined, so they are best
when you want to show off your hard work from the gym or you have naturally larger hips.

High waist Brazilian bikini bottom

High Waist Brazilian Bikini

High Waist Brazilian Bikini bottom

This is more of a retro style, although upgraded for modern users. They can hit anywhere from one inch
or more below the belly button, and they can extend up to the mid-point of your rib cage, while the
back coverage can be anything between full to cheeky.

It is best if you would like to give some definition to your waist line, or you want to hide your tummy.
However, the resulting silhouette is not without its share of controversy as many do not like it, but the
truth is – it is not disappearing any time soon.


This does not need much explanation, other than the fact that you are showing slightly more skin
compared to a Brazilian bikini bottom.

The advantage they have is that there are very minimal tan lines
when you wear them, but you do need some confidence to rock them – san that is not something that
comes naturally to everyone.

Full coverage

Brazilian bikini bottom

Many women are not comfortable with the idea of showing their butt at the beach, but there are
certain styles one can choose if this is your case. The best descriptors to look for are ‘briefs’ or ‘full
coverage’ in the product descriptions.

They are slightly different from the high waist bottoms, as they have a moderately higher rise, and they
also give more coverage thanks to the generous amount of fabric. The good news is you can find them in different designs, including some cutout detailing on their sides, just in case you would like some

The string Brazilian bikini bottomstring bottom Brazilian bikini

This is not an option if you know you are going to do some vigorous activity at the beach, but it remains
a good option for sun tanning. The coverage will depend on the cut of the individual suit, although it is
usually on the lower end.

The boy shorts

This is modelled on men’s briefs, as it has a fairly straight cut across your legs, and offers a more
complete coverage for your butt because it hugs the hips.

However, its popularity is not widespread compared to other styles such as the Brazilian bottom,
although it still remains a classic. They are also very good if you are planning on doing some activity on
the beach.

Skirted Brazilian bikini bottom

If you are looking for something that gives you some sophistication to full bottom coverage, this is the
best bet for your butt. It also stays as one of the more modest choices, so it is good if you are feeling like
you want the feel of a bikini without showing too much skin.

It usually adds some wrapping layers as well as flirty frills that make sure your swimsuit is covered
completely. Its design replicates that of a skirt, so it gives comfort, concealing and timeless look.

The traditional tie-side Brazilian bikini bottom


This is the traditional style of bikini, and is also the most common option. It has been popular for many
years due to its versatility.

The adjustable ties that are on the sides make it very comfortable for many women, and they also allow
for easy adjustments when you are doing some outdoor activity. They give you medium levels of
coverage and still allow you to look good while lying on the beach.


This is a newer style, but it is increasing in popularity very quickly. With the appearance of tights, they
give your legs great levels of protection from the sun while still remaining stylish. Another advantage
they have is the ability to dry quickly even after you take a dip.

They are mainly made from Lycra as well as other swim fabrics, so they tend to also have very good
stretching abilities – making them the perfect choice for surfing activities, SUP (Stand up Paddle) yoga
and SUP activities. Even though they do not give much in terms of warmth, they are a good way of
protecting your legs and thighs from the sun.



Push Up Brazilian Bathing bikini

Push Up Brazilian bikini

Getting a proper swimsuit, as well as a swimsuit bottom that you are comfortable with can be a
challenge – especially when you do not know the different types of bottoms.

There are many, but with this guide you now know what to look for, and rock you beach sessions with confidence.


brazilian bikini bottom

brazilian bikini bottom

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