How To Choose A Suitable Swimsuit For Swimming?

How To Choose A Suitable Swimsuit For Swimming?

It’s so sunny and hot. What’s the best thing to do? Swimming, of course!

However, whether it is to go to the natatorium to practice swimming skills, or go to the swimming pool to relax, a suitable swimsuit is essential.
How To Choose A Suitable Swimsuit For Swimming?
How to select a suitable swimsuit?

Different types of swimsuits can affect the comfort, speed and even the difficulty of learning. In order to swim smoothly, comfortably and faster, you need to follow these requirements.

Avoid bikinis and swim dresses!

Bikinis are great for taking beautiful pictures and posing. But there is a risk of losing your top if you are going to swim and swim carefully.

Swim dresses increase drag and make learning more difficult. When swimming, one should be as parallel as possible to the horizontal plane so that one can move forward easily. However, the dress will spread out in the water to form resistance and affect the speed, so leave it to the beach.

So how should we choose???
How To Choose A Suitable Swimsuit For Swimming?
First of all, it is recommended to choose a triangle bottom or boyshorts bottom swimsuit, because they can reduce the sense of restraint, but also reduce some resistance. As for the kind of knee-length or pants, unless bought very professional, otherwise it is basically just ordinary pants, will not have any helpful effect on the swimming.

Secondly, girls are advised to choose a swimsuit with a narrow belt and a crossed back. The advantage of the narrow belt is that it covers a small area, so it is more comfortable. There is no sense of restraint when the arm moves, and it can feel its speed in the water and every movement more directly.

Remember to choose a cross-back swimsuit! They help spread some of the weight around the shoulders without causing a stranglehold. If there’s a third strap that can handle the stress in addition to the crossed straps, so much the better.
How To Choose A Suitable Swimsuit For Swimming?
For example:
Deep Plunge Sexy Hollow Out Sexy Monokini

Deep V Cross Ruched Backless Monokini

Avoid loose!

In addition to choosing the right style, size is also important. The best size is for comfortable conditions, with the suit slightly sinking into the flesh behind you. This avoids the feeling of sagging and heaving, and will not affect the comfort and speed of swimming in the water.

Avoid improper care!

This is a beginner’s guide to swimming that has nothing to do with the figure but will make you comfortable every 1,000 meters you swim. So get ready and jump into the water!!!

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