Love Horoscope 2020

Love Horoscope 2020

How will the stars be positioned in this new year and what will be their influences on love, family, friends and affections in general? Here is a summary of what the future holds for each astral sign.
Love Horoscope 2020

The presence of Saturn in your sign will show you who you need by your side. If you have not yet found your soul mate, this year, with the presence of Saturn you can go to him or her. You may have to take on new responsibilities in your love life and understand your friends better. You have just lived through a couple of rather difficult years, but for Aryans, 2020 will be a year of positive achievements. Due to new experiences, you will change the way you understand the world or rethink some of your most fundamental opinions. Don’t shut up about these new ideas, they will enrich you. 2020 is a year of learning in which you will have your intuition to learn, achieve and create the reality you want for yourself and those around you. The presence of Neptune in your sign for much of the year, will allow you to be more tolerant with your partner and friends.


Jupiter’s presence makes it possible for you to fall in love with your partner again, if you are in a stable relationship, or with someone who can be very important in your life, if you are single. Your social life will be interesting and fun, you will enjoy with your friends throughout 2020. You will meet interesting people and feel attracted to new social circles, something uncommon in bullfighting. Your family may demand more of you this year. Try to be patient and help the older and younger members of your family environment. This year presents an opportunity to be compassionate to yourself and others.


Pluto, the planet of change, birth and death, has long been present in your opposite sign: Sagittarius. Many Gemini have experienced the death of someone close, the failure of a friendship, a separation or divorce. This year you will be able to withstand the difficulties that arise if you think with your head and act with calm and intelligence. Beware of manipulative people. You will want to make new friends and look for fun through them. This year you will be a more reliable person and your friends will perceive this, which will result positive in your friendship and relationship. The last few years have been somewhat difficult for Geminians, but in 2020, the overall result will be positive.


By 2020 cancers will value intimacy and home. Socially you will go out less and, unlike in recent times, you will feel more and more like staying at home, on the couch, watching a movie or having dinner with your partner instead of going out at night. You will seek intimacy with your partner. Thanks to Jupiter’s presence throughout most of the year, you will have good luck in love and happiness. Those who have been with the same partner for years will remember the reasons that made them fall in love. You will take more care of yourself, you will have more confidence in your appearance and this will have a positive effect on your sexual life. You will feel fulfilled in your personal life. Jupiter’s transit through Scorpio will bring you fun, romance, fulfillment and creativity.


Leoninos have experienced many changes in their relationship over the past few years. But through all this instability, you have remained true to your heart and your principles. In this 2020, under the direction of Saturn, a planet that brings stability and discipline, if you don’t have a partner, you may find a new love or return to an old stable relationship. It is possible that some friends turn out not to be as reliable as you thought, or that you are simply bored with their company and seek new friendships. There will be times when you will feel confused or bored and seek change in some facet of your life. However, with the presence of Jupiter in Scorpio and Sagittarius, you will have a sense of optimism and energy that will help you experiment with new situations and take risks that will benefit you in the medium and long term.


For virgins this year is an unpredictable year in love. You may discover that the person you thought you knew so well is a stranger and the plans you had for the future with him or her will not come out as you expected. It is possible that friends who have always deserved your trust will fail you this year. Or simply get bored with your old friends and decide to look for new incentives in other social circles. The influence of Pluto on your sign will create some complicated situations in which there will be disagreements, power struggles and unexpected endings. You will seek new experiences and try to break the monotony both in your personal life and in your professional life. You will have a special energy in May, when Uranus combines with Mars and Jupiter. In spite of being afraid of a radical change in your life, it is possible that you will make some profound decisions that can have a very positive impact. You will have more energy and optimism, which favors making bold decisions for you, but also positive ones in the medium term.


For the Libra people this can be a year of trial in their affective relations, especially in March when a solar eclipse can help you to fix things or even end a relationship. On the other hand, once the first months of the year are over, if you have a stable relationship, you will be able to reach new levels of communication with your partner to such an extent that they will produce a feeling of being more united than ever, both in you and in your partner. The best time for love will be between March and April, also between September and October. Your social life will be active and, for some pound, even exciting. You will feel inspired and the presence of Jupiter, a planet of opportunity and abundance in November, will help you end the year with the same level of enthusiasm and optimism as the previous year.
Love Horoscope 2020

The Love horoscope for Scorpio 2020 tells us that the presence of Uranus promises a lot of romance and some surprises in your social life this year. Married scorpions will not notice great changes in their marriage, for better or for worse. If you have a desire to have a child or spend more time with children, you could get a very pleasant surprise this year. Because of the importance of work in your life, your family or partner may resent your commitment a little. If this happens, it won’t be serious, but you should nevertheless make an effort to explain your reasons and also spend more time with your relatives or involve them directly in your projects. Your enthusiasm, creativity and effort will be transmitted to those around you.


2020 is a year without surprises for the sagitarians in the field of personal relations. Pluto, the planet of birth, death and change, follow its path through your sign and for this reason it is possible that some people in your life try to manipulate you or, on the contrary, that you begin to be too demanding with others. The last few years have been somewhat unstable for many sagitarians due to the prolonged presence of Pluto. It is possible that you have suffered a breakup with your partner, lost your job or an important client, or that someone important to you has died during this time. Thanks to Neptune’s transit through Aquarius, you will feel a special energy that will inspire you to be more creative or more spiritual. This is a good time to evaluate your life and try to balance your utopia with reality, identify your goals, and design strategies to achieve them. At the end of the year enters Jupiter in your sign, which is tremendously positive for 2021.


This year you will try to get away from people whose obsession is to earn money and acquire possessions. You will prefer friends who, like you, have already gained some acceptable purchasing power and are looking for things out of life rather than getting rich. You will be more open to making new friends, you will meet very interesting people and you will learn from their experiences. Whether you have a steady partner or not, you will enjoy love with passion. You will make new friends, thanks to the presence of Uranus, a planet that symbolizes the break with tradition and the development of new projects. The influence of Pluto will help you to examine yourself and know your spiritual side and will allow you to analyze some topics in depth that you usually try to avoid.


The year 2020 will be a year of challenges for Aquarius in their affective life. With Saturn active in love and marriage all year round, you will end 2020 much safer in your relationship and if you manage to keep the channels of communication open with your partner, the relationship will be strengthened. If you don’t strive to talk and understand your partner’s concerns, however, you may have problems. The best month for love will be August. It’s an excellent year to take care of your friendships with attention to detail. Use your talents and vision to pursue your most ambitious goals, because this year you will be able to achieve them. With Neptune in the same sign as your sun, you will dream a lot this year and your dreams could contain messages sent from your subconscious that will be very useful in daily life.


If you do not have a partner, the year 2020 is not a particularly suitable year to find the love of your life, because you will give greater priority to your personal freedom, spirituality, travel and health. You will feel less tied to your family and friends and more attracted to adventure, fun and new sensations. You will be so full of energy, optimism and desire, that sometimes you will have the feeling of power with everything. Your friends or partner, if you have one, may try to stop you, but it will be difficult. 2020 is a year of great change for Piscianos. You’ll want to take more risks. You will feel more daring and open to new experiences and possibilities.

Love Horoscope 2020

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