Thong Bra A Beginner’s Guide to Using the Thong Bra

Thong Bra –A Beginner’s Guide to Using the Thong Bra

The bra is an integral part of a woman’s wardrobe. Wearing a bra makes a woman feel complete. It not only provides functional support, it also builds up confidence, and gives her complete control of her sensuality appeal.

Depending upon the purpose, women in the 21st century can choose a bra from a wide range of options. There are many types of bra you can choose from: push up bra, t-shirt bra, convertible bra, balconette bra, sports bra, plunge bra, stick on bra, maternity bra, cami bra, cage bra, and even a thong bra.

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What is a thong bra?

While all of us have heard of the word “thong underwear”, most of us have not heard of the “thong bra”.

  • In technical jargon, a thong bra is a Sternum Compression and Symmastia Prevention Bra.


  • A typical thong bra places compression on the sternum with the help of its special inner panel, as well as provides extra support to the breasts.


  • This unique combination of compression and support makes it just right for Symmastia prevention, as well as an ideal post surgical bra.


History of the thong bra:

The unique design of the thong bra makes it the perfect post surgical bra, apt for women recovering from surgery for symmastia. The invention of the thong bra dates back to the year 1999.

The story of the thong bra began with a woman who had undergone surgery to correct symmastia. She realized the acute need for a bra that provides cleavage support. She experimented with different types of bras stuffed with gauze. She even tested wearing a sports bra backwards for additional cleavage support but none of her trials worked. And thus, thong bra was born. It is a bra that helps Symmastia patients.

Today’s thong bra is the product of several design changes perfected to suit the requirements of Symmastia patients. In fact, the Thongbra® brand name was trademarked and a patent was issued in 2009 for its exceptional design.

thong bra

What is Symmastia?

In medical terms, Symmastia is a condition caused due to the convergence of the breast tissue of both the breasts across the midline, in front of the sternum. In simple terms, Symmastia occurs when both your breasts grow together, leaving little or no cleavage between them.

A typical example of symmastia means that your breasts or breast implants come together with no space left between them. It creates an appearance of a single breast instead of two, earning it the name of “uni boob”. Symmastia is also called breadloafing or kissing implants.

For women suffering from symmastia their cleavage may appear as:

  • an abnormal layout of collagen fibers in the breast tissue
  • an empty web of skin between the breasts
  • a mesh of skin, fat, and other tissue between the breasts

There are two types of symmastia:

  • Congenital Symmastia:

This type of symmastia is usually due to a birth defect. It is a very rare form of symmastia.

  • Acquired Symmastia:

It is also known as Iatrogenic Symmastia. This type of symmastia is acquired as a result of complications arising out due to breast surgery such as breast reconstruction or breast augmentation.


Though most acquired symmastia symptoms are usually cosmetic in nature, women may suffer from pain or discomfort as a result of the symmastia.


How does a thong bra help Symmastia patients?

A thong bra is more than an ordinary bra. It is a much needed post surgery recovery garment.


A thong bra is useful in the following ways:

  • Provides extra firmness to the breast after surgery.
  • Helps reduce scarring after the surgery by preventing build-up of scar tissues.
  • Acts as a bow-effect from front to back to improve the healing process.
  • Optimum compression helps enhance blood circulation post surgery.
  • Helps decrease swelling after the surgical procedure.
  • Assists in speeding up the healing process and post-recovery time.
  • Provides support to surgical areas for enhanced comfort
  • Helps the skin adjust and fit better to its new curves.
  • Helps flush out toxic and harmful fluids from the body
  • Added support helps the patient to get back to daily routines.
  • Supports the body in carrying the moisture away from the skin and closer to a surface from where it can evaporate easily.
  • Helps curtail the growth of fungus or bacteria
  • Reduces the chances of body odor, skin irritation, and mildew, mould or fabric deterioration.
  • Helps re-build self-confidence and poise.
  • Assists in improving visual and cosmetic appearance.
  • Prevents breasts from moving during body movement and exercise.
  • Also helpful to mastectomy patients.
  • Helps to separate breasts from each other.
  • Helps as a preventive measure for tented cleavage.

Things to consider when buying a thong bra:


  • Compression

A good symmastia bra should provide optimum compression on the sternum. If the thong bra does not provide proper compression, it defeats the purpose of wearing it:

  • Support:

Along with compression, a typical symmastia bra needs to provide additional support to breast tissue or breasts. It is essential to make sure that the thong bra that you are thinking of buying provides your breasts with adequate support.

  • Wide bust band:

A wide bust band helps the bra with better stabilization and helps in speeding up the healing process.

  • Comfortable:

While you are considering the compression and support offered by a thong bra, it is important to remember that comfort is paramount. The ideal thong bra should feel comfortable to the wearer, even if worn for long hours.

  • Adjustable straps or Velcro closures :

As your body is getting accustomed to its new contours, adjustable straps or Velcro closures help the breasts in getting used to the new changes taking places. With the help of adjustable straps or Velcro closures, the same thong bra will work for different sizes. Adjustable straps also reduce the complexity that women may face with regards to how to wear a thong bra.

  • Anti-microbial treatment:

Thong bras should be treated with anti-microbial medicines to reduce the chances of infection or skin irritation.

  • Lightweight:

It is important to invest in a thong bra that is lightweight and breathable. It should feel smooth against the skin and provide comfort to the breasts. A breathable high-performance fabric also reduces body odor and build up of mildew or moisture.

  • Latex Free:

Many women are allergic to latex in the bra causing skin irritation, rashes, swelling or dry skin. If you have sensitive skin, you may consider a thong bra which is made of latex-free material. A latex free bra will not only prevent skin irritation but will also be comfortable for long hours.

  • Quality:

Always invest in a good quality thong bra. Not only do they last longer, but they also provide compression, support, and comfort for a longer period. An ordinary thong bra may seem satisfactory when you buy it but will soon lose the compression effect and extra support that you need. Good quality bras will also provide a guarantee for their workmanship, guarantee against fabric problems, and a guarantee to mend symmastia.

  • Machine washable:

There is nothing as frustrating as buying a lingerie that needs to be hand-washed. Hand washing is time-consuming and since you may have just recovered from surgery it may be quite painful as well. Though hand wash may increase the life of the thong bra, it is always better to buy a thong bra that can be washed in the garment bag with the gentle cycle in the washing machine using cold water.


Thong bra’s that you can buy:


If you are looking to invest in a thong bra, here are some recommendations:


  • Thong Bra ®: The Thong Bra ® is handmade in the US. It is made of high-performance materials for optimum compression and support. It helps keep cleavage in shape, and also keeps both the breasts separated. The Thong Bra ® also provides comfort for long duration and is known for its ability to provide even pressure during the healing process. It can be washed in a garment bag using the gentle cycle of the washing machine. And it also comes with a guarantee for its workmanship.


  • Isavela Bra: It is treated with Naturexx anti-microbial treatment and helps control the growth of fungus or bacteria. It also comes with a 1” elastic band for better support and adjustable shoulder straps. It is also suitable for people with sensitive skin as it is made of latex-free material.


  • Design Veronique: Design Veronique’s Compression V Panel bra provides support to the breast with the help of its cotton cups. Its unique “V” shape offers ideal breast separation to patients. It is made of cotton material which is lightweight and breathable. It is also made of latex-free fabric with anti-microbial qualities.


A Thong bra plays an important role in improving the wellbeing of women recovering from symmastia procedures. It is essential not just for the physical healing that a woman needs, but is also very crucial for her emotional and mental comfort, happiness, and security.


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