Top 3 Destinations in US to Travel this Summer

Top 3 Destinations in US to Travel this Summer

Are you getting bored of your daily routine? Do you want to enjoy some time away from your daily monotony of life? Are you wondering where to go this summer? Here is something for you by which you can enjoy your vacations in the US in the best possible way and that too with best airline deals with websites like cheapbestfares. Here are some of the best destinations you can visit in the United States to enjoy your vacation.
Top 3 Destinations in US to Travel this Summer
New Jersey – The Garden State

Despite being one of the smallest states in US, New Jersey is a big attraction for many tourists visiting US. It is called the Garden State as it gives you a garden view with so much natural beauty which is enough to make you fall in love with the place. The national parks of New Jersey will fill your heart with love for nature and its creation. Not only in terms of nature, New Jersey is also a great place of historical sites and museums. You can easily get cheap flights for New Jersey with sites like cheapbestfares. Here are some amazing things to do in New Jersey.

Don’t forget to visit Cape May, a trendy and attractive resort town situated on Delaware Bay.

Do not miss to see the 77 feet high Great Falls of Paterson, they are stunning falls in a National Park.

Take some pictures with the amazing Tripod Rock, a multi-ton glacial erratic boulder balanced on the top of three smaller rocks. You will also get to learn some history regarding this mysterious rock.

Do get the stunning picturesque view of Buttermilk Falls of Layton, the tallest waterfall in New Jersey.

Do not miss the spectacular views of the Mount Tammany, which is New Jersey’s highest mountain which is 1527 feet high and is amongst the most beautiful landscape in the United States.

Florida – The Sunshine State
Top 3 Destinations in US to Travel this Summer
If you are an admirer of nature, this place is no less than a heaven for you. From pristine beaches to mysterious caves, Florida has everything for you to just fill your heart with amazing landscapes and memorable beauty of nature. Here, you will get to see National parks, crystal clear springs, caves, waterfalls and much more with best International and Domestic Flight Deals with websites like cheapbestfares. Some beautiful things here are not to be missed out.

Do visit crystal clear springs like Silver Glen spring at Lush Ocala National Forest with breathtaking natural beauty.

Visit Great Florida Reef and explore the lush tropical vegetation with beautiful coral formations and colorful marine life while gliding in water with a pair of flippers.

The Everglades National Park, the third largest national park in US filled with mangroves, swamps and diverse wildlife is a must visit.

Do spend some time at the less crowded Miramar Beach and dine at one of the many restaurants at the beachside.
Top 3 Destinations in US to Travel this Summer
South Carolina – Land of History & Beaches

When you like to visit historical places, love to relax at the beaches and also have some fun with your kids, South Carolina is the perfect place for you. You can easily book your cheap flights online with websites like cheapbestfares and visit to this amazing place which offers you beaches, water parks, planetarium, zoos, museums, plantation and much more.

A carriage ride in the Charleston’s Historic District will immerse yourself in the gracious atmosphere where you will get to see historic buildings, churches and 1400 historic homes like Aiken-Rhett House and the Nathaniel Russell House with collections of fine and decorative arts.

Myrtle Beach is the perfect place to relax, take a sunbath and get some traditional seaside pleasures. Visit Charleston which is the adobe of state’s spectacular gardens with most beautiful plantations. The Fort Sumter and the Charleston Harbor will take you to the history of the Civil War which began due to the attack on Fort Sumter guarding the harbor.

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