Change 10 Habits and you will look younger

Change 10 Habits and you will look younger

Getting rid of bad habits takes at least 21 days. “Change is not always quick and easy, but with time and effort you will be able to change almost any habit,” wrote Charles Doehig, a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter and author of The Power of Habit. Reading this article alone means a desire for change. So, define some goals, and make them come true.

We do not want to look older, but simple habits add years to our faces, our appearance, and our heart – because aging is inevitable – like drinking small amounts of water, not moisturizing the skin, or not exercising.
Change 10 Habits and you will look younger
– 1. A long time in front of Screen

The time we spend on both social media and television should be severely restricted. This restriction will make us more productive and less stressful because stress and lack of sleep have a major impact on overall health. watching TV and using your iPad before sleeping causes you to worry, it is time to change the habit.

– 2.Not drinking enough water

It is hard to remember drinking water when we are busy with work and family, but your body needs water to function effectively, so you must drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

– 3.Postponing medical examinations

Staying in touch with your doctor will help keep you in the grip of your fears and identify potential problems before they become a threat to your life. So, if you have not yet gone to your doctor, you should visit him.

– 4.Insufficient moisturizing of your skin

Melissa Fleming, an independent consultant on anti-aging skin care products, stresses the importance of using moisturizer and sunscreen, “Human skin is the largest organ in the body, Moisturizing the skin helps to avoid many skin problems such as impurities, wrinkles, and resistance to external factors.

– 5. Irregular sleep time

Our bodies benefit from regular sleep, which means that the weekend night should be similar to Tuesday night. “It’s hard for our body to be in good health when it’s tired, so you stop putting pressure on your body when you do not give him enough sleep,” Riley said.

– 6. Do not express feelings

According to a study by the University of California-Los Angeles, the expression of emotion orally calms negative emotions. Psychiatric research in 2007 also reported that social support, such as that provided by a life coach or therapist, is an essential part of maintaining mental and physical well-being.

– 7. Surrender to nervous stress

Stress will always be a component of our lives, but we can either control it. According to the journal “Psychology Today”, the emotional turmoil can accelerate the process of aging at the level of somatic cells.

– 8. Neglecting sports outside the home

Everyone knows that outdoor aerobics looks amazing as soon as finished, but we often replace it with a treadmill because of busy work routines.

– 9. Following unhealthy diets

The diets are different depending on the ingredients they contain. “Many are trying to spread false ideas and false” studies “to sell their products, which cause us fear and confusion about food. All you have to do is let yourself enjoy good food, eat sweets moderately, and eat fruits and vegetables regularly.”

– 10. You don’t feed your body
Change 10 Habits and you will look younger
Feeding our bodies is critical. Some women suffer from undernutrition for a long time until they have problems with the level of hormones and lack of many vitamins and minerals. Therefore, make sure to get the necessary nutrients normally through appropriate dietary choices.

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