Important Things You Need to Know Before Getting Hair Extensions

Important Things You Need to Know Before Getting Hair Extensions

Long hair with amazing locks is in trend now. If you have chopped off your hair to blunt or bob and regret it, hair extensions are your best possible option. Extensions have always been a huge craze in the celebrity fraternity and today, they have become a sensation among youngsters, Instagrammers and other uncelebrated folks, as well. But, before appointing a session in a London-based salon, here is a list of essential things that you must know about hair extensions.

The length and health of your natural hair

Do you know that your hair must be 4 inches in length before you opt for weaves? One has to wait until the hair reaches a certain length before adding extensions. Besides, the health of the hair is also essential that should not be ignored. Not-so-healthy hair must be treated before experimenting with extensions. For those yearning for a longer length or a good volume, may consult a professional stylist before you buy hair extensions in London.
Important Things You Need to Know Before Getting Hair Extensions
The price

The cost of hair weaves vary greatly. Depending on the quality of hair, the method applied and the ratings of the salon, you are going to be charged accordingly. It may start from a few bucks and go high as a few thousand dollars.

The kind of hair extensions

You will come across synthetic and natural hair weaves, and it is vital that you understand the difference between them. Natural hair extensions are made from human hair, whereas, synthetic extensions are made from plastic fibers. Natural extensions do not go through chemical processes and can be straightened, curled or colored to suit individualized preferences. On the other hand, synthetic weaves cannot be styled or put through any kind of hair treatments as the weaves cannot stand heat.

The types of hair extension methods

Micro-link- Also known as loop hair extensions or micro-bead, they are applied by coiling with real hair and securing it by using metal bead and pliers.

Tapes- These are semi-permanent extensions and are added on either side of real hair. They last for about 4 to 8 weeks, and can be removed and reapplied.

Clip-in- Clip-in extensions are available in strands of contoured pieces. They feature clips that can be readily attached to one’s natural hair. Clip-ins cause the least damage to tresses.

Pre-bonded- Commonly known as fusion hair extensions, they are attached to the hair using adhesives like, glue or keratin.
Important Things You Need to Know Before Getting Hair Extensions
Extension maintenance tips

When you decide to visit a salon and buy hair extensions in London, you must know that these can cause damage to your hair. However, the damages can be reduced with proper maintenance. Once the weaves are attached, watch out for irritated scalp, hair loss, bald patches and more. The hair may fall out if you do not clean your scalp.

Hair extensions require your love, care and attention. Do not aggressively brush your hair to remove knots. After the extensions are attached, professionals advise to wait for two days for shampooing or washing your hair. Choose a quality conditioner and shampoo that is free from sulfate. Before washing, your hair must be detangled from the roots to the end. Strands should be washed gently downward, followed by thorough rinsing. As extensions do not get natural oils from the scalp, conditioning is vital.

Extensions removal

Some hair extensions are easy to remove. But, the extensions that are stitched with normal hair or glued on need professional help for the removal process. According to hairstyling experts, clients should never attempt to remove the weaves at their home because they might damage their own hair. It is recommended to contact the hair extensionist who has attached the extensions.

Keep these basics in mind before heading out for hair extensions. You will come across plenty of experts offering hair extension service in London. Get in touch with a trained stylist who possesses knowledge about hair extensions and the process involved.

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