Choosing A High-Quality Pair Of Women’s Dress Shoes

Choosing A High-Quality Pair Of Women’s Dress Shoes

Let’s face it, women love shoes. And most women spend more money than they sometimes want to on women’s dress shoes. Well, it is no secret, you don’t have to spend a fortune on dress shoes to buy a quality shoe that fits comfortably. The only pre-requisite is you know what to look for.

Ensuring Fit in Your Dress Shoes
Follow theses tips to help you in your quest for the perfect fit in women’s shoes:
Be sure to ask your friendly salesperson to measure both your feet, because as you know, many times the right and left foot sizes differ slightly. You are also creating a rapport with this person. He or she will then be more willing to help you find that perfect fit in the nine west shoes or the dsw shoes.

Choosing A High-Quality Pair Of Women's Dress Shoes
Try on shoes with socks of appropriate thickness. If you will be wearing nylons, bring nylons, depending on the type of dress shoe you’re thinking of buying a thicker sock might be more suitable. When looking at the selection of shoes for women keep in mind each pair of womens shoes will almost always be different in size. Example: the 7 in dc shoes will probably fit different than the 7 in the steve madden shoes.

This almost goes without saying, but you need to walk around the shoe store. Especially with dress shoes on and feel how they fit around your heels, upper sole, insteps, balls and toes. Women’s shoes, as said before almost always have a different feel between shoe stores and manufacturers.
Now for the most important point to selecting dress shoes for women. The dress shoes should feel comfortable from the start; yes, I know, but there so cute. Today shoe stores an manufacturers have come a long way and are producing cute women’s shoes that are built for comfort.

Choosing A High-Quality Pair Of Women's Dress Shoes
Guaranteeing True Quality In Designer Womens Dress Shoes
Steps for quality control in your dress shoe:
Take a long hard look at the sole to make sure it is securely attached to the shoe. Here is a quick tip to keep in mind. Some soles on dress shoes for women are cemented to the upper shoe and others are stitched. Either type is acceptable, just knowing the difference will help you in your selection.

For women’s shoes Checking the heel is very important. High-quality dress shoes have leather heels, which many times, come equipped with a layer of rubber or nylon on the back edge of the heel. On the other hand, heels on high-heeled shoes for women are usually made of plastic and then have a protective layer of leather. And of course, the higher the price, the higher quality of plastic being used. In dress shoes for women you certainly get what you pay for.

Choosing A High-Quality Pair Of Women's Dress Shoes
A true interior inspection is a must. Because, not all interiors of dress shoes are created equal. Leather interiors absorb foot moisture best. Good-quality women’s shoes are lined from front to back and side to side.
Finally, a rule of thumb to live by when buying dress shoes:
With an inspection of the eye, you shouldn’t find a bit of glue anywhere on the shoe.

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