Summer Wardrobe Ideas

Summer Wardrobe Ideas

During the winter, we layer on clothing to keep our temperatures up. When the summer arrives, we want to shed it and come out of hibernation. Here are some ideas to help you fashion your summer wardrobe.

Now, this is not going to be an article on the current trends for summer. In fact, colors, patterns and materials are often based on what catches the eye. Instead, we will talk about ways to make wardrobe choices, independent of fashion, that will help you stay cool and look good doing it.

Summer Considerations

The main thing that most people want to do during summer is spend time outside. That is understandable. The air is warm and the sun is shining brightly. We get to breathe fresh air and also have a little fun.

The downside is the fact that the rays from the sun can raise our temperatures to unsafe levels. One way that you can temper this is to dress appropriately when you are outside. Your clothing can do many things:

* Remove excess moisture from your skin
* Keep air circulating between your skin and your clothing
* Deflect the rays of the sun
* Help you look good without showing signs of sweating through your apparel

So, whatever color is best for your skin, go for it. But first, follow these tips for choosing just the right mix of apparel for summer adventuring.

Tips for Creating your Summer Wardrobe

1. Choose lightweight fabrics – Cottons and cotton blends breathe more than other woven fabrics. When your body temperature rises, heat can be trapped between your body and your clothing. This causes excess perspiration, meaning sweat rings at the collar of your shirt and waistbands along with sweat stains under the arms and on the back.
Summer Wardrobe Ideas
2. Exercise in fashion – If you are an athlete, there are specially made fitness clothes that can wick away moisture. Look for tags that identify these blends made by Reebok, Under Armour, Nike and other manufacturers. This material is also used in making jackets if you are exercising during cool mornings or evenings.

3. Choose lighter colors – Even if bright red is one of your “skin enhancing” colors, try a cooler melon or turquoise, even a pale yellow. Lighter colors reflect more sun rays that darker ones. In fact, wearing black and other dark colors help you to feel several degrees warmer the longer you are in the sun.
Summer Wardrobe Ideas
4. Try sleeveless tops – Whether you are at work or out for fun in the sun, going sleeveless is a great idea for women and men. For men, shorter sleeved work shirts are a substitute for full length at work. This leaves more skin available to your internal cooling system. Water evaporating off of the skin lowers your temperature.
Summer Wardrobe Ideas
Whatever your style for summer, follow these tips to make smarter wardrobe choices.


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